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Speaker cables (R)

Hedonist Audio believe that specially designed speaker cables are crucial in an audio chain by allowing optimal amplified signal transmission between amplifier and speakers in order to keep unimpaired frequency response and dynamic range. For any audio system, it is essential to minimize any negative effect associated with using cables to connect amplifier and speakers, and have most neutral transmission of amplified audio signal. This will lead your audio system to reproduce music with tone that will feature lower background noise, more music detail and improved dynamics.

Hedonist Audio speaker cables are specially constructed utilizing our custom helical structure and geometry that is built using highest quality conductors and dielectrics. The goal is to provide unimpaired signal transfer with maximum neutrality. However, this approach craves for large aggregate conductor gauges, and along with helical geometry, the main challenge was to prevent negative influence on cable’s capacitance that would have an unwanted impact on high frequency response acting as a high frequency filter. Hedonist Audio has invented such geometry and conductor arrangement in a way that the capacitance of the cable has stayed at low level and therefore has no negative effect on high frequency response. Such construction of speaker cable provides maximum musical pleasure derived from experiencing natural presentation with larger and deeper sound stage, lower background noise, more music detail and highly improved dynamics. Subjective experience could be explained as „larger sound“.

Despite the large diameter size of our speaker cables, due to their high flexibility, installation and connection are user friendly.

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