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Power cables

Hedonist Audio believe power cables are most crucial cables in an audio chain by allowing all components in audio system to work at their optimal levels. For any audio system, it is essential to provide all components with clean and stable power for your audio system that will lead to lower background noise, yield more music detail and improve dynamics. 

Hedonist Audio power cables are constructed and based on our custom helical geometry, typically as electromagnetic coils on an air core, therefore acting as a passive filter to a mains power. Our cables usually consist of 8 to 16 wires for hot and neutral conductors arranged in helical structure and two conductors for ground. Our power cables feature large conductor aggregate gauges in order to provide sufficient amount of electrical power to any component that these are attached to, and this feature is especially essential in supplying high current power amplifiers due to their operating peaks where amplifier needs to pull drastically larger amount of electrical power in very short periods. Providing infinite amount of power leads to unimpaired dynamics that the amplifier will provide to a listener. 

Despite the large diameter size of our power cables, due to their high flexibility, installation and connection are user friendly.

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