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In order to fulfill our electrical power supply chain to an audio system, Hedonist Audio has developed specially designed and crafted power supply distributors, aka. Power blocks, that allow our audiophile users to connect 6 to 8 different components to a mains power source (typically wall inlet). Hedonist Audio power distributors feature massive aluminum casing for maximum EMI/RFI protection, audio grade EU schuko or US sockets, audio grade 24 carat plated IEC sockets, star-wiring construction using heavy gauge audio grade pure copper wire. Star-wiring construction prevents entering pollution into main power network associated with pollution creating power supplies usually found in digital components such as cd players, dacs, etc. Therefore, using Hedonist Audio power distributor will provide all components with clean and stable power for your audio system that will lead to lower background noise, yield more music detail and improve dynamics.

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