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At Hedonist Audio, we believe that power conditioners are an essential part of any power supply chain that high fidelity audio components are being connected to. We have all experienced that the quality of music reproduction varies in different times of the day and from place to place. The current coming from your mains socket is changing in quality. This is due to usual households are using more and more digital and electricity polluting appliances, and it is more prominent in densely populated urban areas and locations in the vicinity of industrial zones. On the other hand, using power conditioners could sometimes negatively influence dynamics of sound reproduction, which some audiophiles would refer to “slowing down the sound”. This phenomenon is usually associated with using active electronic elements to filter the mains power in power conditioners. In order to prevent this, Hedonist Audio is using balanced isolation transformers in their power conditioners, as these are very effective in filtering out mains-borne interference and pollution. Hedonist Audio Power Supply Conditioners provide all audio components connected to it with super clean and stable power that will lead to lower background noise, yield more music detail and improve dynamics in music reproduction. 

Transformers are specifically wounded, using damping material between the primary and secondary coils and therefore this configuration produces a 230V output voltage consisting of a symmetrical pair of 115V out-of-phase voltages. The two ‘live’ wires are inversely phased, center-tapped to earth. The transformers are placed inside a heavy-duty aluminum vibration-free housing rested on anti-vibration feet or cones. It features audio grade EU schuko or US connectors on the back of its housing. There are no active electronic parts used.

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