More than a decade of involvement in high fidelity audio reproduction, infinite listening tests, learning and experimenting along with high fidelity audio components constructors and enthusiasts, seeking and hustling to absolutely true to life, sort to say hedonistic levels of music reproduction, has led Mr. Nikola Nastasovic to establish audio cable and power supply components company called Hedonist Audio.

At Hedonist Audio, we utilize the full spectrum of scientific and objective listening perception interactively in order to reach the full potential of our products. In order to do so, we have created unique constructions and material selections in production of our products that have resulted in ability to extraordinary impact the audio systems of all sorts and music reproduction itself, bringing it to a new level.

Hedonism, besides true to life musical experience strives for visual pursuit of pleasure as well, therefore Hedonist Audio products shine with uncompromised design that will have full impact on any audiophile or any audio enthusiast.

All products are hand crafted. Materials used are of top-notch quality carefully selected for each application itself and standardized throughout the production.

„As for audiophiles, they're audio hedonists, so for them it's all about the pleasure that comes from listening to the music they love, sounding as good as they can make it.“
- Steve Guttenberg | July 9, 2016