1. What is the most important cable in the system?

a. As sound reproduction is derived from mains/electrical power as its main crude source, Hedonist Audio believe that power cables are most crucial in an audio chain by allowing all components in audio system to work at their optimal levels.


2. What should be my first high end cable purchase?

a. Hedonist Audio recommends to start investing in power network of any audio high fidelity or high-end system. Once all components have an unstrained and clean main electrical power source, their interconnection should become a next concern for any audiophile or audio enthusiast.


3. Do cables need break-in (burn-in) time?

a. All cables do need a break-in time. At Hedonist Audio, we have concluded that power and speaker cables require some more break-in (burn-in) time than other cables. 


4. How long should be break-in (burn-in) time?

a. These need min. 100h to optimal 300h of operation. All other cables start to reach their optimal performance levels after 25h of operation coming to its best after 100h.


5. Are all cables directional?

a. All cables produced by Hedonist Audio are directional. Directionality affects the way the cables are constructed and the way wires are drawn.


6. How should i know which direction should i place them?

a. All Hedonist cables have some sign of directionality, either arrows pointing direction, either directionality of the text and writings on cables.


7. Do cables need to be shielded?

a. Many cables produced and used in audio industry are shielded in order to prevent EMI/RFI interference and thus provide lower background noise resulting in better sound. Hedonist Audio believe that way the cables are constructed will protect cables from undesired interferences but will keep its capacitance values low at the same time. This will provide even lower background noise that will yield more music detail and micro detail, improve dynamics and overall musical experience.


8. What is the role of high-end power cables in the audio system if electrical power is just electrical power?

a. Hedonist Audio power cables are constructed and based on our custom helical geometry, typically as electromagnetic coils on an air core, therefore acting as a passive filter to a mains power. There are no active components in cables that will negatively affect dynamics of the system and the large gauge of hot, neutral and ground leads will provide an essential supply of power that will accommodate highest needs of power draws of your audio system at high passages and peaks. 


9. Do i need to have high-end audio system in order to have need for high-end audio cables?

a. High-end audio system will show more benefits of being interconnected and connected to mains electrical power by high end cables as such cables will reveal its full potential. However, any audio system will highly benefit from such cables.


10. How do high-end audio cables affect the audio system and sound?

a. The best connection is no connection between audio components. Therefore, high-end audio cables will benefit any audio system by minimizing negative effects of cables used. Cables cannot make a component sound and work better; however, its role is to minimize impact of cable, therefore allowing the component to work and sound at its best potential.


11. Do i need a power conditioner and how does it affect the sound?

a. Hedonist Audio manufactures power conditioners based on balanced isolation transformers therefore coupling your main electrical network from dirty and noisy public electrical network that your system is connected to through your wall sockets. Power conditioner will provide clean and stable power for your audio system that will lead to lower background noise, yield more music detail and improve dynamics.


12. What is the best way to clean and maintain my cables?

a. All cables could be cleaned by clean moist cloth. Do not use any detergent or any aggressive chemicals such as home cleaners etc. 


13. What is the best way to clean connectors?

a. Connectors shall be cleaned with any decent contact cleaner you can find in your local electronical shop. In situations that you do not have contact cleaner and could not be easily sourced, you can use medical alcohol.


14. How often should i clean connectors?

a. All connectors on cables should be cleaned every six months to prevent undesired dirt or oxidation that will negatively affect the music reproduction and sound of your audio system.


15. Does cable length matters?

a. Yes, some cables like power cables shall be longer to provide their full effect, and on the other hand, some cables like interconnect cables shall be of minimal length as possible.


16. What are the lengths of cables that Hedonist Audio recommends?

a. Power cables: min. 1.5m

b. Interconnect cables: max. 2m

c. Phono interconnect cables: max. 1.5m

d. Digital cables: max. 2m

e. Speaker cables: max. 5m


17. What speaker cable termination Hedonist Audio recommends?

a. Hedonist Audio recommends spades for best information transfer. However, bananas will provide sufficient information transfer and will be more user friendly in cases the cables need to be switched often (e.g. using two different amplifiers)


18. How should i test my cables in order to have the best insight into their performance?

a. The best way to test cables is to pick a short passage in your favorite test song and listen to it repeatedly with and without the cable, you are testing. It is important to concentrate on details by doing so. A/B testing is common where the same 10-15 sec. Passage will be listen to with one and another cable repetitively. 


19. Can i buy directly from Hedonist Audio

a. Hedonist Audio sells its products directly and through the dealer network. All prices shall be MSRP.


20. How long my warranty will last?

a. Hedonist Audio provides lifetime warranty on all of its products. Warranty will cover only defects that are not a result of negligible behavior by the user.