Belgrade, Serbia 23.11. - 24.11.2019.

The HI-FILES Show 2019 in Belgrade, Serbia has ended successfully, the visitor impressions are more than excellent and we are therefore very much satisfied. The presentation has been carried out in cooperation with high-end electronics manufacturer Solaja Audio (solajaaudio.com) and high-end speaker manufacturer RAAL Advanced Loudspeakers (raalribbon.com).

At the show, both Acoustics and Reference Series were presented and featured at the fair.

Solaja Audio system in room 210 (Solaja / Hedonist / RAAL) has been powered by electricity through a 2,500-volt Hedonist Audio PC-2500 power supply conditioner. This device is based on a 230V to 230V balanced isolation transformer, and its job is to galvanically separate the power mains network from all the devices connected to it. It has eight true star-wired shuko plugs and has been connected to the network by a P15r power cord from the Reference Series. Other devices were further powered by P15r, P15, P12 and P10 power cables. Cables from the Reference series were used to transmit the signal - DIGI r, USB r digital cables, ICON r analog interconnect cables and S6r speaker cables.

Solaja Audio system in room 216 (Tight Sounds Factory) was powered by the Hedonist Audio PD-8 power distributor, which was connected to the network by a P-15 power cable. Other devices were further powered by P12 and P10 power cables. Cabels from Acoustics Series were used to transmit the signal - ICON interconnect and S6 speaker cables.

Thanks to all the friends and visitors for the support they have given us.

Special thanks to Aleksandar Radisavljevic of RAAL Advanced Loudspeakers, Božidar Malbaša of HI-FI Tribe audio furniture, Zoran Mihajlovic of Supreme-Analog and Aleksandar Ljamić of Foto Fokus studio.


Horten, Norway 21.09. - 22.09.2019.

Hedonist Audio products have been presented and displayed by a Norway based distributor and hi-fi furniture manufacturer SoundGround (soundground.no). Products from Acoustics Series that have been exhibited were interconnect cables ICON, speaker cables S6, power cables P10, P12 and P15, and products from Reference Series were interconnect cables ICON R. Power distributor PD-6 has been presented as well.

Besides Hedonist Audio products, SoundGround has presented products of other serbian hand made high-end tube electronics from Solaja Audio (solajaaudio.com) and high-end turntables from Soulines (soulines.com).


Pakrac, Croatia 31.05. - 02.06. 2019.

Hedonist Audio has attended the show in a show room with high-end tube electronics manufacturer Solaja Audio (solajaaudio.com) and speaker systems manufacturer Tight Sounds Factory from Serbia. Complete Acoustic Series product line has been presented including interconnect cables ICON, speaker cables S6, power cables P12 and P15, digital cables DIGI and USB.